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What’s observations of a canary?

Is this a blog on the observations of the proverbial canary in the coalmine? The by now, luckily, out-dated avian early-warning system?


Well, maybe to some tiny extent, but by far not exclusively.

This blog is about my observations in words, sights and sounds of the banalities, beauties, curiosities and absurdities of the world I am living in. I have to confess: The genesis of the blog’s name is rather personal and was inspired by my partner (not a morning person) who – at times – refers to me as “canary”, mostly due to my “early morning chirpiness on issues of global concern” rather than my skills in the field of hands-on crisis prevention.

So who’s the bird behind this page?

I am a thirty-something (a lot of ‘something’!) female world-citizen, interested in just about everything relating to human relations and culture, but without being a romanticizing philanthropist. I have lived in different parts of the world, engaged in social and political research, worked for international and national organizations, and met fascinating people (in the positive as well as negative sense). Life is an adventure, sometimes less and sometimes more thrilling.

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